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2 min readAug 17, 2020

If you have followed this series, you might’ve wondered what happened to the girl who told the readers to expect her content at least 3 times a week.

Don’t worry… Nothing really happened.

Nothing really happened.

Then why didn’t I write?

Well. It’s not something I could explain in words.

I used to love to write. I still do.

Then what’s the problem with this not writing?

The problem is me.

Basically, I try to do something and do it for a short amount of time and then I give up. I get disheartened & disappointed in myself and do something else to distract myself (like binge watching something.. I watched 2 k-dramas)

That’s what happened.

I started this “100_days_of_productivity_challenge”. I did well for 2 days and couldn’t cope up on next day. I felt disheartened. I was gonna publish my stories of doing that challenge here. Since I was disappointed in myself, I couldn’t.

I am well aware of this pattern.

And every time, I try to break out of it.

My mental state plays a good role in this. It is unpredictable. I know lot of ways to keep my mental state stable. But problem is, I don’t do it.

I think the reason I cannot change is, I’m comfortable. I’m too comfortable in my lifestyle.

Rather than pushing myself out of my boundaries and making me uncomfortable, I do things which are comfortable to me. I know this will lead to a lifestyle which won’t be my dream lifestyle. But still, my mind is not understanding it.

Taking risks will lead me to a completely different things. Those things can be good or bad. That unknown is very uncomfortable factor for me.

I have that fear of unknown.

Even though, things might change for good. I still have that fear which paralyses me.

I need to sensitize myself of that fear.

How to do that?

It’s simple. I should do things which I fear. I have a list of things I fear, I’ll try to do that one by one and share my experience with you in upcoming stories.

With Love, Hash.

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