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2 min readJun 23, 2020
Butterfly pea tea (Blue tea), Photo credits: Me ( I made the tea)

June 23rd 2020

I’ve always loved the colours

Different shades talk about mood, personality, and interests. I’ve always leaned toward brighter colours despite knowing that dark coloured clothes suit me the most. So contradictory but that’s the reality.

A relaxing cup of Blue tea made from homegrown butterfly pea flowers changed my perspective, you might wonder how? I hated drinking coffee and tea, well, I drink very very rarely.

So exactly how did this cup of tea change my perspective? Because it wasn’t the regular tea, or maybe that’s how I perceived it. something inside me assured me that this is not going to be like the regular tea. I was able to let go of my feeling of not liking because of past experiences, I DECIDED to take a brave sip from the cup. Such an eye-opening experience ever and I’ve never stopped making Herbal tea (anything other than black tea or milk tea) I’m obsessed over it.

Did the colour of the tea make me take a chance of sipping it?

yes, just looking at the colour I was able to feel light and joyous. I thought at least for the experience I have to try.

How is this tea different from any other tea?

I’m not an expert tea drinker to be judging that but I learnt an important lesson that I will never forget. Just because I dint like tea in past I never gave it up completely, I waited patiently trying to explore which one suited me the most.

How did I feel after drinking it?

I felt so happy, from then I knew I have to remember the good days because if I fill my heart with dull and sad memories I won’t be able to give space for better things that will happen, probably today or from tomorrow.

And to start with, I couldn’t find any other day than today, a day being so close to my heart, a day I’ve always cherished, and a day where I will always remember to have filled with immensely happy memories. Because today I know I have the power to change things, the way I think.

So, colours, more than defining it based on mood, personality, and interests, it’s a choice of associating. Associating a thought, memory or kinda a fun obsession for anyone who has a strong like for one, many or all the colours.

Even though I might face a really hard time struggling to cope up, even though I have lost people, friends and even myself during a brief phase, I will find a way to get out. I will restore my identity and bring back the faded colours. I know so because IT’S MY DECISION.

With Love, Ash.

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